Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Increased Customer Satisfaction Worthwhile?

“VAI’s Sales Force was the perfect choice for Refrigiwear to integrate into our existing VAI S2K system.  We needed the software to be fully functional very quickly, and VAI delivered,” said Robert Scarboro, IT Director, RefrigiWear, Inc.  “Our sales force was immediately impressed with the product’s ease-of-use and mobile capabilities – our team is always on the move and it’s crucial to be able to use a web-based CRM. Our sales force is creating better follow-up with our customers, which increases our customer satisfaction.”


Is it really a surprise that this company chose to implement the companion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provided by their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider?  What was Refrigiwear’s goal?  Improve their bottom line by strengthening customer relationships and loyalty.  Is it possible that VAI had the same goal?  We should all have that goal. 

Make our customers as happy as we can and they will do more business with us.

Start by listening to our customer’s needs.  Refrigiwear needed a solution that would be easy to implement.  They did not want to invest large amounts of time to transfer the requisite information.  They needed a fully integrated system.  The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing.  Management needs information to gage the responsiveness of their team.  The customers need to know they are important to you.

The solution needed to be flexible, easy to use, web based, integrated seamlessly and implemented quickly.  Who wants to take months or years implementing a system?  Time to value is important.  Invest your time using the product, not installing and implementing it.

Not all ERP solutions have a fully integrated, fully functional CRM solution.  That might be criteria for a future system.  It is hard to imagine, but not every company may need CRM, but that may change in the future and it may give peace of mind to know it exists.

It is no doubt this company could have made another solution work.  What was working first?  The relationship that VAI had with Refrigiwear.  People do business with people then know, like and have a relationship with.  A relationship where the needs of the other comes first.

This is a major point.  We all have choices. 

Refrigiwear’s customers have choices too and they are much more likely to do business with them versus their competitors, because they invested in a solution that enables their sales force to be more responsive.  Who would not like to have the organizations we do business with to know who we are by name and understand how important the product and services we purchase are to our operations? 

The investment in an ERP, CRM or Ecommerce or Analytic solution should be considered an “Investment”, not expense.  Treat your customers like you would want to be treated.  “Do unto others” theme. 

All the facts are nice.  Easy to install.  Easily integrated.  Easy to implement.  Easy to train.  Easy to use.  What is most impressive about this story is the relationship between Refrigiwear and VAI.  That is a success story.

At Dolvin Consulting, we build long term relationships with those we work with.  Why, because that is where the value comes from.  Knowing that we have your best interest at heart, even if it means not doing business with you today and instead giving you a referral.  Contact us today to learn how we are different and can help you.

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