Monday, May 21, 2012

Completely Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System

According to Specialty Products’ Mina Cox, “When I speak to other executives and hear about the technical issues they have experienced with other systems, I realize that we just don’t have those concerns with VAI.  Happily, we are busy running a business, rather than dealing with bad information or down systems.  The bottom line is that VAI fundamentally provides a strong and dependable solution with the technical resources to provide back up and support if there is a problem.”

Additionally, Specialty Products is better equipped to provide excellent customer service. The company can boast 99.9% on-time shipments, 99.9% inventory accuracy, and a less than .02% error rate.

Specialty Products’ daily operations were challenged with the use of an older material requirements planning (MRP) system that was ill equipped to handle the company’s growing business needs.  Further, changes to the system proved complicated and cumbersome, and their previous software vendor offered inadequate technical Support.

The company demanded a solution that offered a flexible, feature-rich software package to handle its expanding business needs, streamline warehouse environments and provide an integrated platform to help Specialty Products speed ahead of the competition.

Specialty Products reviewed several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages. 

Some chief concerns were:

·         The warehouse staff needed to know, in real-time, the exact location of every product and the inventory counts for each item.

·         They needed a one-step order processing procedure including the ability to pick, pack and ship product in one easy step.

·         They needed a system to instantaneously pull up customer orders with attached tracking numbers, link these to its GPS website, and then interface the order with UPS WorldShip™.

Finding the Right Partner. 

Specialty Products was particularly impressed by the fact that VAI’s S2K Enterprise software suite would provide the company with all of the ERP capabilities enjoyed by larger manufacturers and distributors.

Mina Cox, Specialty Products’ Chief Operating Officer, noted, “VAI’s comprehensive, sophisticated ERP platform is a world-class system, and I would place it head-to-head with any major software developer. Companies like SAP and Oracle offer similar capabilities, but at a far higher price point.”

Mina Cox, also noted, “The best features of VAI’s software solutions are the extensive user-defined capabilities available in the major modules. This allows for a wide range of flexibility without requiring a great deal of additional programming. The software can be adapted quickly and easily— a real bonus for our fast paced industry— and the dashboard allows us, as executives, to monitor the performance of all the key areas of our business on one screen."

VAI’s S2K for Distribution and S2K for Manufacturing have helped Specialty Products to get the up-to-date, high quality information that it needs to run a competitive business.  Additionally, the company has seen a tremendous cost savings.  Notably, the cost of maintenance is significantly less than that of its previous vendor.

These highlights really tell a story. 

Many companies are struggling and have perhaps hit a glass ceiling.  The problem with glass ceilings is that they are glass and hard to see.  You end up with headaches from hitting your head so often.  Specialty Products knew there were better solutions, but were probably disillusioned knowing the solutions were out of their budget range. 

Along came VAI.  They took the time to listen.  They took the time to understand.  Specialty Products reviewed several contenders.  Any company should do this.  I would highly suggest investing in a consultant that will become a trusted advisor to help you understand and document your challenges, then take that information and select three solution providers to review in-depth. 

The ERP solution is important, but equally important is the future relationship you will have with the solution provider.  This is no small requirement and must be understood.  The relationship you develop is critical to your success.

Most companies including Specialty Products value their customers and provide the best service possible.  In this case same-day shipping.  That shipment better be right.  The supporting environment must support those efforts.  VAI has that commitment to their customers.  It forms a chain of responsibility that fosters growth.

Let Dolvin Consulting help you narrow your search.  We take the time to work with you to understand your challenges and match them to available solutions.  Contact us today.  We are here to help and we care.

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