Monday, May 14, 2012

The goal was to streamline operations

“With S2K, greater financial transparency has led to better operational and financial decisions.  In fact, since implementation, our company sales and profit margin have increased respectively by an average of 20% and 23% per year between 2003 and 2009, providing Brydens with a true return on investment that can be overwhelmingly attributed to VAI’s S2K product line.  In today’s tough economy, businesses must find a way to not only survive but also thrive. S2K has given Brydens the power to stay on top of the market.”

The goal was to streamline operations, not only in the warehouse, but also across the entire organization, which meant removing many of the time-consuming manual tasks that were slowing efficiency levels.

Finding the Right Partner

VAI, a highly skilled and knowledgeable software provider, possessed the exact combination of tools to help Brydens transform its business, and three warehouse facilities, into a fully integrated, top-of-the-line distribution company.

Biggest warehouse issues:  Receiving, Picking and Shipping.

VAI also paid close attention to Brydens’ need to work within different units of measure—a high priority demand for the company in being able to deliver orders quickly and accurately.

VAI had a thorough understanding of how the organization needed to run its daily operations and worked with the staff until every need was met.

Each step of the process was monitored.

·         The business is now using the most up-to-date and efficient software available.
·         All business and warehouse operations are integrated—saving valuable time and money.
·         The distributor’s entire warehouse environment has been overhauled.
·         Receiving, picking and shipping processes are now simplified and easier to maintain.

Roy Ramkissoon commented, “All employees, across all departments at Brydens have benefited from the integration and information retrieval capabilities of VAI’s S2K software packages.  The removal of manual, time-consuming tasks has dynamically increased efficiency in services.  Inquiries alone have allowed users to better manage the business.  We are thankful that VAI was diligent in helping us solve our most difficult problems.  Brydens is looking forward to working and growing with VAI in the future.”

When I comment on a success story like the ones that VAI has proudly presented, I usually feel the need to point out a few facets that may not be so obvious.  “The goal was to streamline operations”.  This is a great title, as this is a common theme for any business organization.  Many will read this and the corresponding full article, because they hope to pull one small piece of information that will seed their next round of improvements.

The upside is that they received so much more.  It should be obvious, but sometimes we do not see what is right in front of our own eyes.  Yes, something equally as valuable and what is really responsible for their continued growth.  Brydens now has a partner.  A long time partner.  10 years and counting and they even purchased additional modules when they were ready.  Companies do not do this unless they have a productive relationship.  It is like a having a big brother when you go to school.  How nice is it knowing someone has your back?

At Dolvin Consulting, we have your back.  Contact us to see how we can utilize our relationship to help you find your right technology partner.  That is what we do and why you need to reach out to us now.

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