Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is Customer Service Part of Your Company Culture?

A recent Tweet by @SJF_com caught my eye.  They were reposting INC Magazines article by Chris Mittelstaedt entitled: “Is This Your Employees' Idea of Service?   (click link to read the full article).

The article's picture is dramatic, but the article makes sense and it is worth reading for two main points:

1.       Customer service should be twofold in any organization.  The way you are treated, the way you treat your employees, your suppliers, your people is exactly how your people will treat your customers. 

Would you want to be a customer of your company?  Test it out.  Call your own company from an outside line.  See how you like your automated attendant.  Call when you know your employees will be busy and see how they react.  Check out your own web site.  Can you find a phone number to call when you need help?

2.        The CEO took responsibility for his company and its service.  When a customer called and complained, the CEO first checked the facts.  We all have had to deal with over-the-top people.  In this case he took the time to learn the facts and was smart enough to realize that he had a culture problem in his organization.  He also wanted to find the root of the problem and correct it, not punish anyone.

Here are his five points:
  • Be Respectful: "Have we been respectful at all times?"
  • Be Responsive: "Have we been responsive to people's needs?"
  • Be Realistic: "Have we been realistic about what we can and/or can't do?"
  • Be Responsible: "Have we all taken personal responsibility for outcomes?"
  • Be Remembered Positively: "Will our actions allow us to be remembered positively?"


Why is this important?  Why do I mention this in a blog site geared to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions?  Because, the relationship you have with your ERP provider and support people has a direct correlation with the way your implementation and project success will go.  If it goes well, your customers will be happy and be loyal through the good and bad of the project.  It is much easier to keep your existing customers happy and loyal, than it is to find new customers.

Dolvin Consulting takes pride in their partnerships and the work they do.  We have a mutually vested interest in your organization finding the right solution to your challenges and to your success.  Contact us today to see how we are different.

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