Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Providing quality customer service

Joe LaMonte recalled, “The e-Business project addressed our service issues nicely.  With automated options and enhanced customer accessibility, we are confident that our customer service capabilities will continue to exceed our client’s expectations.”

Providing quality customer service is a vital component to the success of any business, but it is especially crucial when dealing with healthcare products that affect one’s quality of life.  Hearing aid manufacturers work in an industry where the ability to design a quality product, and deliver that product quickly, is of the utmost importance.


·         Professional guidance is integral to developing a comprehensive, integrated, company specific solution.

·         Enhance E-commerce capabilities to improve customer service and expedite orders.

·         Provide dispensers with self-service capabilities.

·         Ease pressure on its call center.

For Widex, the primary incentive for implementing an e-Business solution was to deliver superior customer service and achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

Finding the Right Partner

Widex knew that VAI would listen to their needs and had the technical capabilities to ensure that the solution was tailored to meet those needs.  We knew that we could rely on them to get the job done.  We also wanted to ensure system continuity.  It was important for us to maximize our technology investment.

VAI’s software provides Widex with a unique portal solution to help improve employee productivity, cut costs and strengthen relationships with customers and trading partners.

Widex has empowered its dispensers with access to greater amounts of product information and educational support.

Notably, Widex was able to greatly reduce the number of faulty and illegible order applications. Previously, between 10 and 20 percent of all orders had some human error or required a call back for information verification purposes.  Now that the order process has been automated, it virtually eliminates this problem.

Widex understands that prompt delivery is essential to its customers.

Widex understands and so does VAI.  This is an example of a good fit Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution implemented that provided the framework for expansion when the company (Widex) needed it.  Not too soon and not too late.  At the right time.  When “they” were ready.  No push, no pull.  A good fit relationship which has grown with mutual respect and a common theme of customer service.  Widex to their customers and VAI to theirs. 

Dolvin Consulting has the same commitment to the businesses they work with.  Questions and Answers.  Identify the challenge areas.  Define the solution parameters.  Deliver the solution on-time and on-budget.  

Dolvin works with Manufacturers, Distributors and Specialty Retailers to help them streamline their computer operations with ERP solutions so that they reduce their costs and improve profits.  No wild promises.  A balanced budget approach with realistic expectations based on Return on Investment (ROI) calculations. 

Contact us today and see if we can help you to sleep better.  We are here to deliver great customer service.

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