Monday, June 4, 2012

Warehouse operations run more efficiently when processes are fully automated and integrated

Cheryl Nylund remarked, “VAI’s S2K suite has delivered on its promise to streamline our operations and provide maximum visibility of key business operations.  For Randa, S2K’s automation capabilities have provided the foundation on which to fuel our continued growth and success.”

Simplifying the picking and inventory management process was the chief motivation. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions play an integral role in integrating and streamlining computer operations.  The melding of workflow, labor and physical resources.

Randa Luggage wanted to work with a local software developer who had the experience to help them implement a total WMS solution.

Their chief concerns are fairly typical of wholesale distributors, they wanted:
·         The ability to view the real-time product availability.
·         Improve order accuracy.
·         Streamline operations.
·         Reduce labor costs.
·         Increase shipping speeds.
·         Expedite billing procedures.

Results: The company now has total, multi-dimensional inventory visibility.

Randa was confident that VAI understood the company’s concerns.  This is easily one of the most important points and is critical for any successful ERP selection and implementation.  You need the right partner.  The word "partner" is correct.  You are not buying a boxed copy of software off the shelf.  Enterprise Solutions require good matching of challenge and solution, careful planning, training, implementation, and testing. 

A quick sale customer – vendor relationship will not work.

In utilizing VAI’s WMS and ERP solutions, Randa has unlocked the inventory information it needed to service its client base effectively.

Customer service. 

On the part of the ERP solution provider and on the part of this organization ability to service their customers.  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  The relationship between this organization and VAI provides a backbone of support that allows Randa to concentrate on their customer’s needs by utilizing their new ERP solution.

Dolvin Consulting has partnered with VAI and IBM to deliver good fit ERP solutions to Manufacturers, Distributors, and Specialty Retailers who primarily struggle with warehouse and inventory control issues and are frustrated by the constant flux of technology.  We are your partner guide to helping you understanding your challenges and available solutions.  Start today by contacting us for an initial consultation.  There is no-charge for the call and nothing to lose.

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