Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WMS Implementation

This recent webinar title intrigued me.  I would think any organization that is frustrated with their current system or lack of system would also find it of interest.  We all want to know the secret formula to make our warehouses more efficient, our people more productive, drive down overtime costs, fulfill customer orders in a timely manner and be more profitable.

There is so much information available today, where do you start?  

Do you go to the social media forums?  Who knows who you will get in social media?  Did the right person just happen to notice the post?  Do they even want to respond?  How do you respond to something so complex in a paragraph or two?  Why start, if you cannot add real value.  Who wants to do free consulting?  Who qualified them?

Should you use the Internet?  Of course, we all do, but what exactly do you type in the search box?  How do you filter the millions of responses?  Are the paid results better?  What if I look at the first two pages, and then skip the third where the best-fit solution may be found?  What if I did not use the right keywords?  I might spend days, weeks or more searching in the wrong direction.

There is a value in knowledge and the Return on Investment (ROI) lies in using that knowledge to take a shorter path to a clearly defined destination. 

The answer to where to search is all-of-the-above and more, but only after you learn what you do not know. 

The first step is to find an advisor which may present its own challenges.  There should be a strong connection here and that is not to say the advisor and you should agree on everything.  If you do not feel a little frustration, then they might not be asking you the tough questions.  You need to be honest with them and be prepared to hear the not-so-good news that your pride and joy operations are not so great. 

Do not defend, listen and learn.  (this goes for both side of the table)

That is the single most important factor with your consultant and with the firm that you ultimately use to implement a new solution or fix what you have.  Two ears, one mouth.  Ask questions, listen to the answer, and then ask more questions. 

Hopefully noticed that last part above, in that you might find you already have the best solution.  You might need an upgrade to the newest version or you might just need to learn how to use what you already have.  This is one way in which the much too expensive, we cannot afford a consulting organization helps save you time and money.  They have to be reasonably priced, but do not forget you often get what you pay for and the return and time saved using them can make a big difference.  If the consultant saves you three months of research, what does that translate to compared to running inefficiently as you are now for that same time period? 

How much does it cost you each month to operate as you do now?

You may have guessed from reading this that I am a fan of using knowledge and resources to help you get the job done more quickly with less stress and peace of mind.  Using the right tool for the right job is efficiency in finding efficiency.  If you want your organization to run better, then use the right tool to get you there.  The sooner the better.  It does not have to take so long.  A consultant is your jungle guide and gets you there quicker and more safely.

Contact Dolvin Consulting today.  We are here to help.

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