Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Business Intelligence Done Right.

Business Intelligence Done Right.

One of the great benefits of any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is the creation of a central repository of information that is shared across the enterprise.  Unfortunately different users from different departments have growing needs that over time inevitably lead to the creation of silos of information.

Silos of information start out small and grow over time and become more and more disconnected with the source.  A simple spread sheet with a pivot table to allow a sales manager to evaluate his on-time performance.  That data is useful and is copied by someone else to create some other report, then copied again and again.  Any report should be based on data that is not more than one or at most two steps from the original.  Data that can be refreshed easily so that it is current and accurate.

Good business intelligence tools connect directly to the source data and offer drill-down capabilities to the source.  If you want to know why the third quarter sales are off, then you have the ability to “see” the source data and draw the correct conclusion of the reported results.

Almost all Business Intelligence (BI) solutions allow you to create dashboards and/or reports of strategic information.  A critical factor is the ability to refine the data to give the right information to the decision makers in a timely manner so that smart business decisions can be made to better operational efficiencies.

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