Monday, August 29, 2011

Understanding ERP Software Solutions

The software industry is sometimes just as bad as any other group that is trying to make their quarterly quota.  There are some people and organizations that really do care if the solution is a good one.  After all who really benefits from a poor fit?

I read recently in one of Jeffrey Gitomer’s books (Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless) that customers will talk to their associates, friends and neighbors in response to your response to their issues/complaints.  3- If you do a good job, 10- If you do a great job, 25- If you do bad job, 50- If you get into an argument.

Point being, is not that your customer’s always right, it is more about how your acknowledge their issues.  Treat them like you would like to be treated.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions should be based on understanding the real business needs.  The solutions can be found if you know what you are trying to solve and what you want to achieve.  We talk about the pain or gain of a solution.  We talk about the budget and monies needed to address the problems.  Where will the money come from?  What return (ROI) can you expect on your investment.  What will the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) be?  Who makes the final decision and, by the way, what does he/she want? 

What is the CEO’s vision of the future?

Any given ERP solution will have a number of great functions and features.  Question:  Are they related to the challenges you are trying solve?  A great feature may be nice, but what if only one person uses that expensive option?  Will the solution help to integrate your enterprise?  Will your over burdened people ultimately become more efficient and be able to process more orders?

Are you trying to replace an outdated system?  Are you trying to consolidate separate systems?  Do you not have any formal system?  Is Excel your system?  Are you trying to use the software to solve business issues that really should be addressed by management? 

No software is a solution to poor business practices.  It will, however, help keep you organized and provide a structure to operational efficiencies.  That is of course, if you are willing to learn new ways to do the “same old job”.

Do not rush the analysis phase.  This is where your advisor delivers his or her value.  What environment do you have?  What technical skills do your users have?  Software is like any tool.  Give a carpenter a hammer and he can build walls, give him a pair of pliers and he will give you “that look”.  Have you documented your current processes?  Has each of your users listed every task they perform, every report they use?

Function/Feature is not nearly as important as Challenge/Solution.  Just ask yourself which impacts the bottom line quickest.  Dolvin works with their partners to deliver solutions.  Contact us today to see how we are different.

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