Monday, August 8, 2011

Compare 11 Leading ERP Solutions 119 Ways

Compare 11 Leading ERP Solutions 119 Ways

Inside-ERP has released an easy to read table document comparing several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.  The guide compares several leading solutions side-by-side and contains:
  • The 11 leading vendors and products in the mid-market and enterprise ERP space
  • The 119 key features that differentiate the top ERP solutions on the market
  • Which features are supported by each vendor, and who delivers!
  • Pricing and contact information for easy vendor evaluation and purchasing
This type of guide is a handy reference to start with.  It falls short in two specific ways.  One, there are many solutions in the marketplace and they may not have selected the ones you are interested in comparing.  Second, this is only a high level document. 

I know of no one that would be able to look at the chart and decide that one solution is best or if the listed solutions should even be considered.  Selecting a solution that will integrate your entire organization takes time, takes effort, and needs a guide to navigate the clutter.

An ideal solution would be like shopping for equipment on-line.  Use some criteria to filter the choices down to a select few, the select and compare.  You would still need to have a guide to help wade through the jungle, but at least you would be looking at something relevant.

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