Monday, August 1, 2011

Integration is the underlying strength of any ERP system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems help companies streamline their operations by providing a unified repository of information, improved information flow and sharing, and consistency of data.  Collaboration is the goal. 

Getting to the point where an organization is unified and redundant systems are reduced or eliminated presents the real challenge.  It is like exercising.  We all know we should do it regularly, but are we committed every day? 

To be effective an ERP implementation will have a module for every department or functional role in an organization.  This means each of these departments will need to learn a new way of performing their tasks.  These tasks may be more involved so the integrated data is collected.  A system will only be as good as data given it.  Some data capture can be automated reducing workload.  This transition is a critical phase in any implementation.  It is why Training and Implementation typically contribute 50% to the ERP budget.

From the top executive to last person paid.  Everyone needs to understand that the new solution will provide integrated reporting, inventory management and tracking, from suppliers, manufacturing, distribution, and customer delivery.  The result is a more competitive, agile, and financially strong organization.  Important results in any economy, but critical in today’s world.

Question:  Who pays each and every person in a company?  Answer: Not the person’s signature on the check.  It is the customer.  The customer purchases the product, receives the correct shipment, and pays the invoice.  When you have a fully integrated system you can improve customer satisfaction.  Reducing or eliminating shipment errors, delivering on-time, having the ability to answer your customer’s inquiry with the right information in a timely manner helps transition a satisfied customer who might repeat their order to a loyal customer that will repeat their business and go out of their way to recommend you.

Dolvin partners with industry experts VAI and IBM to deliver solutions that transform your business making it more competitive.  Please contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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