Friday, September 2, 2011

The 2011 Focus Experts' Guide to Business Intelligence

"The reason that BI is fundamentally about data analysis and experience has shown that those who quickly understand their customers, their prospects and their performance then take actions accordingly have a big ongoing advantage in follow-on revenues, spend efficiency and effectiveness and flexibility over those who don’t."

  • BI solutions, their features and the market in 2011
  • Key solution, cost and vendor considerations
  • Our recommended BI solutions for different buyer types


Business Intelligence (BI) software has gone from an afterthought to a driver of competitive advantage for both large enterprises and midsize firms. It should be among the top few applications that help run your business, but not all BI solutions fit every situation -- and they are often pricey.

Figure out what stage of BI "maturity" you are in and then what features you need and what vendor choices you have at that stage. If you need to pick the right BI vendor and solution, this Experts' Guide is a must-read!

After reading this guide contact Dolvin to see how we can help you decide which, if any, solution is right for you at this point in time.  We are happy to help you navigate the complicated waters of business intellegence.

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