Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's the right MRP solution for your business?

In addition to selecting a trusted advisor, you can start a top level search with many online resources including the comparison chart on INSIDE-ERP web site.  This five page PDF lists many, but not all ERP solutions. 

This certainly is not a one-stop solution to your challenges.  You will need help matching your challenges with possible solutions.  Not all solutions will require a new system, however, it is sometimes easier to replace everything with a new unified system.  It is this integration and unification around a central repository of information that drives efficiency. 

I would suggest starting with the column entitled “Target Manufacturing Industries”.  This information will allow you to narrow this list to solution providers that target your industry.  The next column to watch is “How to Buy”.  Why? Because, where you get your support after the sales is an important as the pre-sales.  Will you be dealing directly with the software provider or a third party or both?

The report will give you fast facts on the market leaders, product types, pricing and target industries, including:
·         Side-by-side assessment of the latest MRP solutions
·         The basics on pricing, product types and environment
·         Highlights on how to buy the right solution for your business

Next step, contact Dolvin for advice on how to interpret the report and find out if the right solution for your business is included in the report.

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