Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Best Practices to Build an Intelligent Company

What's your company's Business Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) and how can this metric accelerate your time-to-insight?

This research package aims to introduce the notion of Business Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) and how it can be used as a metric for accelerating the time-to-insight. It enlists the five best practices companies can follow right now to graduate from being a good company to a great company and finally to an intelligent company.
The article lists the five things your company can do right now:
1.      Business Intelligence is everybody’s business.
2.      Data, data everywhere, but I cannot see it no matter how I do my search.
3.      Enumerate the potential of BI as an innovative invention of a superior customer experience.
4.      Right time information is the NEW BI imperative and it prevents the data burst.
5.      Consider BI as a strategic solution for your business.

This report gives some food for thought there is also an included Midmarket ERP Solutions Buyers Guide.

Personally, bullet #5 is the most important piece of the puzzle.  Business Intelligence is a strategic solution for business in today’s competitive market.   Management needs real-time answers to complex questions.  The dashboards give fast insight to the operational efficiency of the organization and drill down capability assures that the correct conclusions are made.

Bottom line, there is no reason to collect information if there is no way to access and use it.  Dolvin Consulting works with industry leaders to deliver integrated solutions that drive efficiency across the enterprise, reduce costs and help to make organizations more profitable.

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