Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Passwords are not Strong Enough

The risks associated with the use of password-only authentication are not new. In 1995, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) reported that approximately 80 percent of the security incidents they received were related to poorly chosen passwords. More than fifteen years later, two-thirds of organizations are still using just a password to secure remote access1.
With today’s threat landscape and the increased value placed on the information created and stored, systems that rely on static passwords for security are left vulnerable and at risk of being breached. In this paper, we will examine the need for strong authentication and explore the return on investment that can be realized in order to help organizations make an informed decision when contemplating their strategic move toward more effective security.

“One out of four employees write their passwords down on paper in order to remember them”. 

Okay, now we have to think.  Am I guilty of writing passwords down?  How do we keep track of so many passwords for so many sites?  So many companies that we do business with today have online sites that we use to improve our efficiency.

There are a number of tools and tricks to create and remember the passwords, but as we grow ever more dependent on technology, we will need new, better solutions.

In the mean time Dolvin Consulting works with security experts Cyber Security Auditors and Administrators (CSA2) to help your company prepare for and prevent data breaches.  Contact us today to schedule a risk assessment of your business.

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