Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Improved Efficiencies with Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning

The need to drive efficiency in the enterprise has never been greater.  Reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and sell more.  The road to recovery and a solid balance sheet depends on timely decisions based on facts.  Business Intelligence takes over where the canned reports in your ERP system leave off.  Dashboards with drill down capability allow management quick access to critical information.

Focus Research has posted a report from the Aberdeen Group that takes the reader on an analysis of Business Intelligence and how that information can build on top of Enterprise Databases.

Prompted by volatile markets and a troubled economy, the need to reduce costs is the top business driver impacting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategies.  Combine this need with the ever-increasing need for transparency to both public and privately held companies and the marriage of ERP with Business Intelligence (BI) becomes the perfect storm, igniting improved performance and visibility.  This report serves as a benchmark to those companies seeking these results.

Business decision-makers sit on massive amounts of operational data. Unfortunately an ERP system alone is not the tool to bring order to the chaos. Consider how you can improve business performance and enhance the visibility into your organization by adding a BI module to your ERP system. Hand-picked by Focus editors, this complimentary white paper will help make all that data meaningful:

This report provides:
·         A benchmarking study of Best-in-Class companies that have implemented BI.
·         Insight into the impact of integrating a BI module with an ERP system.
·         Specific recommendations on how your organization can achieve Best-in-Class results.

Overwhelmed with data you're not using effectively? Looking for ways to get the most out of your ERP system? Business Intelligence might be the answer for your business.

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