Monday, September 26, 2011

Complying with the New FDA Food Safety Act Through Warehouse Controls

New FDA Food Safety & Modernization Act legislation is geared toward bringing Distributors and Manufacturers quality control standards to the level that currently exists in the food industry.

According to the new act, Distributors and Manufacturers will be required to keep control of their inventory recalls and know what products were shipped to which clients. Failure to comply with the new standards will result in severe penalties and a complete recall of all shipments for that period.
Today's software solutions can help businesses comply with the New FDA Safety Act Ruling by using lot control to track the shelf life date of all products, in both inbound and outgoing shipments.  If a recall ever occurs, the Distributors and Manufacturers will know exactly which customers received products from that lot number. Having the proper warehouse management solution can help control operational cost while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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