Monday, September 26, 2011

According to a recent survey IBM once again scored highly in customer satisfaction.

This white paper, featuring survey data from Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR), highlights the results of a series of surveys where IBM continued to dominate in all areas of support and stability. From performance, reliability and efficiency to consistency and value, TBR determined that IBM consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations by scoring substantially above industry averages.

This survey looked at the x86 processor server base, but from experience IBM really makes the difference in all their server products including the Iseries, midrange server product line.   Organizations should by now be able to look at not only the upfront costs, but look more closely to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) associated with any solution.  As the article points out “IBM Breeds Performance, Reliability and Efficiency”.

TBR, who performed the survey, has determined that IBM’s continually strong performance in their study can be tied to the interrelated effects of four underlying principles:

1.       Leading performance, reliability and efficiency:
When compared to its counterparts in servers, Dell and HP, IBM consistently delivers higher marks in customer satisfaction for hardware quality and reliability, services and support and energy efficiency – areas of key concern for x86 server customers both now and in the future as workloads within the data center increase.

2.       Consistency and stability of support:
Customers have also consistently rated IBM’s phone support highly despite the ups and downs of the economy. IBM phone support consistently scored highly throughout the economic downturn in 2009, when many customers kept their servers for longer than expected, and also in the exuberance period that followed in 2010 as companies replaced their servers en masse. Now, as customer satisfaction rates have returned to more normal patterns, IBM continues to retain leadership in this and many other categories.

3.       Continuing to meet high customer expectations:
System x’s consistent performance in meeting customer expectations over the past several  quarters has led to increased expectations from its customers – setting the bar even higher for IBM.  But despite having higher expectations than its rivals, IBM has continued to meet or exceed in most satisfaction categories in TBR’s study.

4.       Server value:
TBR believes that IBM’s innovations around areas such as memory capacity, server performance and virtualization is driving an ROI message that resonates with businesses – illustrated by higher-than-average customer server value satisfaction ratings over the past few quarters.

Every company today needs efficiency to remain competitive.  The Right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution will do the same thing.  The challenge seems to be finding the right fit between your challenges and available solutions.  This is where Dolvin Consulting utilizes their industry knowledge and partnerships to help you when you make your technology decisions.  Contact Dolvin today and to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

You are not purchasing pencils, support after the sale is the most important piece of the technology puzzle to manage.  You success with a solution depends on the team you build to support your efforts.

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